Roof-Mounted Retractable Awnings & Canopies

retractable roof-mounted awningHaving a retractable awning or canopy brings a variety of benefits to your home or business’s exterior. At home or at work, a roof-mounted awning makes it possible to install cover in places where standard canopies just won’t fit.

Residential homes, townhouses, and beach cottages alike gain an instant design and lifestyle boost when you add an awning. For commercial properties, an awning lets you make the most of all available space while improving customer experience.

No more retreating inside to escape the rain or the beating rays of the midday sun, just plenty of dry, shady space to enjoy all year round. JefCo can design, deliver and install roof mounted retractable awnings to suit any location. Learn more about the different types of roof-mounted awnings JefCo can customize for your needs:

Retractable awnings

retractable roof mounted awningsMotorized retractable roof awnings offer the ultimate in flexibility and convenience for commercial and residential buildings. Easily transform your space in a matter of minutes: you can extend the awning when the weather calls for a little extra shelter or shade and put it away when the weather clears up. Retractable awnings extend the life of the fabric and put to rest any worries about damage to your awning when you’re not on site.

Deck & Patio awnings

Don’t let the weather stop you from spending time outdoors! Deck and patio awnings mean more time spent outside making memories. Installing an awning gives bars, cafes and restaurants the opportunity to expand their seating areas and welcome more customers even on days when the forecast calls for scattered showers or high UV indexes.

Rooftop deck awnings

Commercial venues such as hotels and restaurants, as well as family homes, can transform their rooftop decks into the perfect place to dine and relax with a beautiful and functional awning from JefCo. Sheltered from sun and rain alike, you’ve got all the shade you need — and more usable space year-round.

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