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Commercial Window & Door Awnings & Canopies

We offer a wide range of window & door canopies & awnings. Choose from square welded, awnopy, gear roller, dome or convex awnings. Whether you need to provide protection for customers and guests from rain at your building or store’s entrance/exit, reduce glare and sun on your windows, cool down your space, or add a nice aesthetic detail, JefCo has the solution for your needs.  We custom make our awnings and canopies to your size and fabric specifications so yours fits your space and has the look you want.  We can also add lettering and logos to almost any awning, making your business stand out!  The durability of our hardware and fabrics are unmatched so your awning or canopy will stand up to weather all year round.

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An Awnopy is essentially a Patio Canopy without uprights or rafter lacebands. Awnopies lace around the perimeter arms and front bar only. Awnopy frames do have rafters as a…

Commercial Dome Awning

Dome Awnings are an attractive, sculpted awning shape that are designed to add elegance to any door or window. Featuring a welded frame, dome awnings are – structurally –…

Convex Awning

Convex awnings for doors and windows are designed to withstand year-round conditions. Convex awnings offer an attractive look when trying to soften the appearance of a building, or to…

Gear Roller

Gear Roller Awnings operate by manually cranking a gear which turns a roller tube to either gather up (raise) the fabric, or let out (lower) the fabric. A minimal…

Square Marquee

The Square Marquee Awning is a simple, open box design which offers commercial clients maximum graphic area for identification. Little shade or weather protection is offered (although optional interior…

Square Welded

Square window and door awnings for commercial purposes are typically found on retail store-fronts, restaurants and business offices. They are sturdy and durable, and stand up to weather all-year…

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