Freestanding Awning

Freestanding Business Awnings & Patio Coverings

A freestanding patio awning is a great way to provide shade for your business without adding something permanent to your budding. Since our patio covers are portable they can be moved or rearranged to fit different events hosted at your business. Our canopies can also be taken down during the seasons where it is too cold to hold events outside.

Benefits of Freestanding Canopies

Benefits of freestanding awnings and patio covers include:

  • Awnings fit together quickly and easily
  • Freestanding patio awnings are durable
  • Can be used for restaurant patios, near a pool, public community areas and sports facilities
  • Freestanding patio and business coverings can be created custom to your specifications
  • Protect your guests from the sun and keep the temperature cooler

Freestanding Awning Features

  • Turns your backyard, deck or patio into more square footage you can easily enjoy with family and friends
  • Upgrades the outdoor section of a restaurant or outdoor facility
  • Can be left outdoors all year long!

Awning Installation

JefCo Awnings also provides freestanding awning installation! Allow our awning experts to help install your awning or patio canopy so you don’t have to. Find out more details about areas we service, JefCo’s installation process and restrictions for installation or call for more information.

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