Commercial Retractable Awnings

commercial awning for a high end restaurantAdd shelter and style to your commercial building: awnings from JefCo have a lot to offer enterprises of all kinds. We make custom business awnings and canopies for hotels, restaurants and bars, offices and retail locations. The right awning can add weather protection, help lower energy costs, create a more polished and professional look, and help your business stand out from the crowd. Whatever type of awning you’re looking for, our team will work with your space and budget to create the perfect awning for your location. The quality of our work and our commercial awning prices speak for themselves.

Retractable awnings


Commercial retractable awnings from JefCo add a layer of easy flexibility and convenience. A simple, streamlined touch of a button allows you to open and close your awning when you open and close your business each day. No awkward cranks to turn and no worries about your awning being damaged or vandalized when you’re not there to keep an eye on things.

Door awnings and canopies


Your building’s entrance is your first impression… Make it count! Commercial door awnings add style and interest to your property, as well as a sheltered spot to shake off an umbrella or make a quick phone call. Custom business awnings also offer an opportunity for branding and advertising. Put your name, address, and logo up front and center and make it easy for your customers to find you at a glance.

Window awnings and canopies


Add shade, cut down on glare, and keep your glass clean and clear with our commercial window awnings. Window awnings and canopies also give your air conditioning (and your energy bills) a break by reducing the amount of sunlight that permeates through your windows. Awnings also reduce glare that seeps into windows, and as a result, makes it easier to read computer screens or view presentations.

round door awning for business

Patio canopies and awnings


Maximize your seating and space! Commercial canopies for your patio allow your customers to enjoy dining al fresco — rain or shine. On the hottest summer days, an awning gives an inviting shady spot to relax, and there’s no need to scramble inside if the rain starts to fall. Commercial fabric awnings help you create the ultimate relaxation oasis for your guests. Outdoor deck awnings give your guests a shady spot to retreat when it’s too hot for sunbathing or when they’re waiting out a passing shower.

Walkway covers


A walkway cover offers your customers a comfortable place to wait for their companions or a cab, even in the pouring rain. During cold, snowy winter months, walkway covers prevent snow and ice canopy awning for businessfrom accumulating on pavements, reducing the risk of anyone slipping or falling as they enter and exit the building. Walkway covers can also help you unify your property with a visual connection between buildings.

Freestanding awnings


A freestanding awning can give your business extra usable space wherever you need it, for a variety of uses. Want more seating? A protected storage area? A stage or bandstand for big events? These self-supporting solutions offer total freedom of design. You dream it and we’ll build it!

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